2015 Flushing Dog Trial

Find birds, flush birds and retrieve birds! That is the name of the game. Whose dog took the prize at this year’s Brays Island Flushing Dog Trial?
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Beaufort Ranked #6

Beaufort came in at #6. “Filled with marshes, blue heron, and 19th century mansions, you might feel like you’re in some old-time Hollywood flick.” Click to read!

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Feeding Time

Brays Island’s naturalist catches a net full of grass shrimp and feeds them to the tarpon living in the aquariums at the nature center. The tarpon were originally caught in one of our saltwater ponds.

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Gee Haw!

Brays Island has a new team of mules that will be ready for the 2015 quail season.

Brays Island has a new team of mules!

Brays Island offers owners the ability to partake in one of the South’s time honored traditions…quail hunting from a mule drawn wagon.

As the fog lifts on a recent fall morning, Samson and Delilah make their way to the hunt lands, ready for their inaugural Lowcountry quail hunt.
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Sheep Hunting

Two Brays owners recently tested their mettle hunting sheep. Thanks to the Wild Sheep Foundation and the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society for fostering what many regard as the ultimate pursuit.

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Editor of Grays Sporting Journal visits Brays

Quail hunting with Grays Sporting Journal

Steve Walburn, publisher and editor-in-chief of Grays Sporting Journal, recently visited us here at Brays Island Plantation. During his two day visit, he was able to hunt quail and woodcock as well as do a bit of fishing in our salt ponds. Hope to see you back down here soon, Steve!

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Learning about Owls

Bruce teaches a father and his son about several of the owl species commonly found on the Plantation. The Nature Center is a great place to engage kids!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Larry Murphy sports a true Thanksgiving hat!

Owners participated in a variety of activities held on Thanksgiving day, ranging from a turkey trot to a kids turkey calling contest. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Falconry Program

A peregrine prepares for flight.

Often referred to as “The Sport of Kings,” falconry consists of hunting wild game with trained birds of prey. When they engage the quarry, what unfolds is a chess match, a theatre in the woods where you can witness what has been a time honored tradition between predator and prey. And the outcome is never really certain.

Brays Island is pleased to announce a new falconry program has been instituted here on the Plantation. The program will be headed up by noted falconer Steve Hein, who founded and still oversees the Raptor Center at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Ga.

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Fly Fishing Class

“More than half the intense enjoyment of fly-fishing is derived from the beautiful surroundings, the satisfaction felt from being in the open air, the new lease of life secured thereby, and the many, many pleasant recollections of all one has seen, heard and done.”

~by Charles F. Orvis

Have you ever considered taking up the sport of fly fishing but decided against it because you didn’t have the time or it seemed a bit on the intimidating side? If so, you would neither be the first nor the last to miss out on a fantastic sport!

The evolution of the sport has made it more accessible than ever before as it no longer costs a king’s ransom to purchase equipment. It is also quite easy to find someone willing to show you the basics, from which point you can progress at your own pace but still find enjoyment in catching a few fish with the ol’ long rod.

As is the case with any number of activities available to owners on the Plantation, those who choose to take up the sport of fly fishing can do so in an environment that is both fun and relaxed. Bill Coleman, a Federation of Fly Fishers certified casting instructor and owner here at Brays, and Paul Burton, Broker in Charge of the real estate office and also an owner, periodically hold classes that strive to teach fellow owners the basics of the sport of fly fishing.

The classes start off with a brief demonstration to educate students on the basics – the equipment used, terminology, techniques, etc. After that students will grab a rod, most of which are provided by the instructors, and step out onto the field by the Boating Department for a little hands on experience. The instructors will spend as much time as possible with each student with the goal of helping them understand what it takes to get started.

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